September 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve been travelling, traversing, wondering and wandering.

Home is a subject I think about often.

The following stream of words on ‘Home’ came to me whilst in transit  from Bakersfield California, (the ‘home town’ but no longer the ‘home’ of my soul sister Courtney) to L.A.. I was in the afterswirling headspace of Burning Man, an event which I may attempt to describe at a later date. All that can be said about Burning Man is that it’s a bucket list event… along with being in a Spencer Tunick photo shoot and attending Carnivale in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil… there are a few more but I’m realising the bucket list is a whole other post.



Home is somewhere you lay your head to rest.

It may be a hammock, a tree house or a palace.

Your home is your inner sanctuary, a place of respite, your eden.


A home is anywhere that is filled with ‘your’ people,

and they are just as much yours, as you are theirs.


A home is peace, love, health.

It is a place where dreams are born, remembered and fuelled.


You have the power to make each moment on Earth heaven,

All you have to do is find it in your heart,

And then you are home.


Dedicated to my home girls.

The sisters who I’ve shared a ‘home’ with throughout my life including my awesome new housemates and the eternal goddesses, Mum and Grandma.



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